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Guaranteed Results Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a social media marketing tactic that allows us to use unique targeting options to send visual display ads to active users of Facebook’s social platforms including Instagram. Facebook advertising is distinct from other digital advertising tactics due to the ability it lends us to leverage the social mindset of consumers to entice them to engage with ads with more authenticity and less opposition. 

Our Facebook Advertising services are extremely scalable and affordable. With our Guaranteed Results or your money back Facebook Advertising, our clients confidently generate hundreds of leads and sales every month. Whether your goal be to increase leads, traffic, email subscribers, brand awareness, eCommerce purchases or more, you can trust us to do what it takes to get you the results you need.

We Guarantee Results Or Your Money Back. 

"Within 48 hours, their services were already working and sales started rolling in! I went from having a 21% opt-in to a 43% opt-in and a 0.22% sales conversion rate to a 13% sales conversion. "

Jamar J, CBL

"Hiring VBS is one of the best single business decisions I've ever made."

Shellina T, Tru Legal Services

"VBS has so far doubled my sales and continue to impress me with "

Hunter S, Afterlive

"The "value" part of Value Business Solutions cannot be overstated."

Caleb K, Wallet Gyde

"The work they have done has increased my websites' traffic and conversion by a substantial amount."

Will C, Jugg


In all of our years in this industry, we have never come across another agency who guarantees results in any capacity. We thought it was time to change that so we launched a Facebook Advertising service beyond the capability of our competitors. Our Facebook Advertising services provide a 100% turnkey solution for all types of businesses to scale and grow confidently with. 



We ideate and design visually appealing display ads based on your growth objectives. These ads will be created with the goal of motivating viewers to become acquainted with your product offerings and to take intent-filled action so that they convert into sales. We design these ads to be exciting, engaging, emotion-inducing and packed full of value.


Facebook’s targeting options empower us to test various intelligent targeting strategies that reach the attention of Facebook and Instagram users who are most likely to purchase from your business. One of the most powerful of these options is Facebook retargeting and is a form of targeting that brings back website visitors who have already been to your site or expressed interest in your business but have not converted yet.

Optimization and Management

In order to make your Facebook advertising campaigns successful, we monitor campaign performance 7 days a week and make micro-adjustments every other day to shift your ad budget to where it is most effective thereby maximizing returns over time. Our goal is to get you the lowest cost per newly acquired customer possible while also increasing the amount that those new customers will pay over their time being a client of yours.


Take a look at some of these case studies to see our past projects and success stories.

Health Practitioner

Within 15 days, the client gained 49 leads on only $284.04 of ad spend with our Facebook Advertising Services. Their goal is to book consultation phone calls using our Facebook advertising campaigns. The return on investment on these leads has produced a 30X return for their business so far.

Business Consultant

Would you pay $4.64 per new appointment set? One of our most recent campaigns was able to promise these results for one lucky business consultant. The campaign is also averaging 12 appointments per day at this cost. Needless to say, they are staying busy and are happy about that.

Personal Injury Lawyer

A quick snapshot of a Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Lawyer’s social media advertising campaign and report from 2019. We used an intelligent targeting strategy to get a cost per click of $0.13 and have over 8% of all people who saw the ads to click through to their site. Within the first month, this leads to 1010 website visitors from spending just over $130.

Interior Design Firm

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