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Guaranteed Results SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing tactic that helps your website rank higher than your competitors’ in web searches that relate to what your ideal customer is looking for when they search for what your business sells. SEO helps more people to find you and click on your site with the intent of purchasing from your business and as a result, gets you more sales.

Our SEO services are both affordable and highly effective. With our Guaranteed Results or your money back SEO, our clients can confidently generate hundreds or thousands of conversions every month. Whether your goal be to increase leads, traffic, email subscribers, brand awareness, purchases or more, you can trust us to do what it takes to get you the results you need.

We Guarantee Results Or Your Money Back. 

"Hiring VBS is one of the best single business decisions I've ever made."

Shellina T, Tru Legal Services

"VBS has so far doubled my sales and continue to impress me with "

Hunter S, Afterlive

"The "value" part of Value Business Solutions cannot be overstated."

Caleb K, Wallet Gyde

"The work they have done has increased my websites' traffic and conversion by a substantial amount."

Will C, Jugg

Reliable SEO For All Businesses

Our SEO marketing services are built for businesses of all sizes, types and budgets. Our team members have been leaders in the SEO industry for the last 20 years, and we have worked with businesses ranging from large Forbes listed Public Companies to the local CBD entrepreneurs around the corner. We make sure to put the time in to get to know the ins and outs of your business and what you are trying to accomplish so that we can create the perfect SEO strategy personalized for you with your needs and goals in mind.

Local SEO

Our Local SEO services are built for small and medium sized businesses that service areas ranging from a local neighborhood community to an entire state. With Local SEO, we focus our efforts on securing keyword rankings for local search terms like “Denver Real Estate Agent” or “Auto Shop Near Me.”

National SEO

Our National SEO services are made for businesses of all sizes. More specifically, these services are beneficial for small to medium sized businesses that service or sell products to local and national markets. This SEO service will focus on optimizing and ranking for local and national terms such as both “furniture store near me” and “Furniture.”

International SEO

Our International SEO services are designed to help larger businesses capture top page ranking positions on highly competitive multilingual and international keywords such as “Shoes” and “Zapatos” (Meaning shoes in Spanish). This service is also made for corporations with have complex or multichannel marketing campaign needs.


Take a look at some of these case studies to see our past projects and success stories.

National Healthcare Provider

The client one of the largest healthcare conglomerates in New York. Within 2 months the healthcare provider beat out their competitors and overtook the #1 spot on Google for their primary target keywords. Currently, their site populates the first 5 rankings (#1 – #5) for that keyword and since starting their SEO campaign, the volume of active search engine rankings moved up from 100 to over 500. Search rankings were capture for over 12 cities and counties ranging over a 100-mile radius and crossing state lines. Search-based traffic increased by 4,000 unique visitors per month with an estimated revenue increase of $3 million/year.

Local Beauty Salon

The client is a local Beauty Salon. Within the first two months of beginning SEO, their site has secured 3 first place positions, 14 top 5, and 26 first page positions for Target keywords. These keywords have a combined search volume of over 1000 searches per month. This has translated to a 64% increase in call volume and a 57% increase in direction requests so far.

International Manufacturer

The client is an international manufacturing company increasing its expansion into the US. Having launched recently with zero search engine visibility, the website now benefits from over 150 active keyword rankings of which 130 are first-page ranked. While they do not share backend financial details with anyone, they have confirmed that multiple major contracts have been landed as a result of their new website presence.

Interior Design Firm

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