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Guaranteed Satisfaction Web Design

With our team of experienced full stack developers and designers, we can build anything you desire. The sites we build are beautifully designed to make it as easy as humanly possible to transition from browsing to buying. Whether it be a stunning fully responsive eCommerce site or a 200 page behemoth web app, we won’t rest until you are fully satisfied with your site design.

We Guarantee Results Or Your Money Back. 

"Hiring VBS is one of the best single business decisions I've ever made."

Shellina T, Tru Legal Services

"VBS has so far doubled my sales and continue to impress me with "

Hunter S, Afterlive

"The "value" part of Value Business Solutions cannot be overstated."

Caleb K, Wallet Gyde

"The work they have done has increased my websites' traffic and conversion by a substantial amount."

Will C, Jugg

Human-Centered Web Design

Our approach to web design is focused on developing a website for your business that provides first-class user experiences, flawless interaction, and ultimately, conversions and user retention. This human-centered design process starts with us asking: Why does this website exist? What is the purpose? What are its goals? We then transition to focus on the answers to those questions while molding the site into an easy to use and visually appealing platform that is certain to capture attention and sales.

Responsive Design

All of our sites are easy to use, responsive, and mobile friendly. Responsive websites respond and adjust intelligently based on user behavior and environments such as device type, screen size, browser, platform, language and orientation. It has never been more important to have a responsive and mobile friendly site due to the benefit that these sites create for their owners pertaining to improved SEO, design and conversion rates.

Complex Web Development

There is no project too big nor too complex for us to build. You name it, we can most likely build it. Our team has the ability to develop artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), interactive video, chat bot, and many more features for your site. The only limit is your imagination and of course, current cutting edge technological advancements.

User Engagement & Experience

Our web design services are built to help your business create a loyal and reliable base of users and customers. Focusing on developing sites with great user experience is pivotal in this pursuit. Our sites are designed to be credible, desirable, accessible, engaging, emotive and intuitive (meaning that users can find what they need and maneuver the site easily). In the end, this mix leads to a site that converts well and grows your business.

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