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Ecommerce Entreprenuers

We work with all kinds of eCommerce businesses ranging as far as those who sell pet products to those selling cargo bikes. Whether it be an eCommerce Tycoon in need of an intricate website requiring custom VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) or AI (Artificial Intelligence) features or the owner of an online shop-by-text store in need of a complex conversion funnel and a multichannel marketing campaign, eCommerce entrepreneurs everywhere trust us to get the results they need to operate profitably and grow their businesses. 

Some of Our Favorite Past Clients.

"Hiring VBS is one of the best single business decisions I've ever made."

Shellina T, Tru Legal Services

"VBS has so far doubled my sales and continue to impress me with "

Hunter S, Afterlive

"The "value" part of Value Business Solutions cannot be overstated."

Caleb K, Wallet Gyde

"The work they have done has increased my websites' traffic and conversion by a substantial amount."

Will C, Jugg


Take a look at some of these case studies to see our past projects and success stories.

Workout, Recover, Repeat

One of our clients is a serial entrepreneur with 4 eCommerce businesses already under his belt. He came to us for help with his newest endeavor selling fitness products online. With our guaranteed results SEO services and affordable advertising options, we came up with a plan to help him target and sell to engaged online shoppers who regularly attended the gym or were part of a sports team somewhere around the US. By targeting our SEO efforts to go after long tail keywords searched by those with high purchase intent and targeting our advertising initiatives to go after the visitors of areas such as soccer fields and gyms, we were able to increase his site’s online presence ten fold. Currently, although the campaign has only been up and running for a few weeks, the client is happy with his campaign and has expressed interest in upping his spend next month.

Pet Portraits

Marketing yourself as an artist can be hard. But not for this client of ours. The client wanted to sell their custom pet portraits to wealthier individuals around the United States in areas such as LA and NY. We began to consult them on their business and launched a Facebook campaign that has been an enjoyable endeavor for us and has produced a $3 cost per inquiry for our client. Needless to say, the client is happy with these results and has left a fresh 5-star review for us.


Soap and Personal Care

Our team was tasked with capturing national rankings for an organic soap e-commerce site. After infusing a multifaceted SEO strategy throughout the client’s website, our next step was increasing organic traffic growth. Through the use of this intelligent SEO strategy with different keyword considerations, our team yielded national rankings for the organic soap and personal hygiene product company and within the first phase of this campaign we saw organic traffic up 36.63% year over year: from 44,273 to 60,491 organic users.

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