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We Grow Software Businesses

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Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality And Geolocation

Here at Value, we make it a point to stay current on all things tech so we can continue to innovate and provide the best services possible to our clients for the most affordable prices. That’s why when it comes to marketing for software businesses, they come to us with their needs and problems. We speak the language and know how things in the world of software work. We have worked with companies as far reaching as Cloud Computing, CDN platforms, Augmented Reality Home Service Businesses, Location Based Gaming Apps, and much more. 

Some of Our Favorite Past Clients.

"Hiring VBS is one of the best single business decisions I've ever made."

Shellina T, Tru Legal Services

"VBS has so far doubled my sales and continue to impress me with "

Hunter S, Afterlive

"The "value" part of Value Business Solutions cannot be overstated."

Caleb K, Wallet Gyde

"The work they have done has increased my websites' traffic and conversion by a substantial amount."

Will C, Jugg


Take a look at some of these case studies to see our past projects and success stories.

Content Delivery Network

One of our clients is a Content Delivery Network Startup. The client began their search for a digital marketing agency by interviewing a handful of different Facebook Ad, PPC Ad and SEO providers. They went through the entire diligence process and got competitive bids to ensure they were making an informed and confident decision on who to partner with. Out of all the marketing service providers that they interviewed, Value Business Solutions was their number one choice and we won the opportunity to work with them. We began with a Facebook Advertising Campaign and Linked Sales Approach. Within a week, we were achieving our goals, meeting our marks and booking a consistent flow of demo appointments for the client. And as the first month went on, we continued to lower their Cost Per Lead to 1/3 of what they were paying in the beginning. At present time, this client has continued to work with us, has volunteered to be a phone reference to testify about how well we perform and we are helping them optimize their conversion funnel so they can continue to get more bang for their buck.

Augmented Reality

Our team was tasked with building an augmented reality software solution to be used to help homeowners and landscaping businesses plan their landscaping with more efficiency. Upon the completion of this project, we launched the site and within the first few weeks, leads were already starting to flow in steadily before we even started to market the product! People loved the software and site so much that they started to recommend their neighbors and friends to the company which fundamentally lead to the success that this company had to begin with. The founder of this company is still on board with us and continues to be a pleasure to work with.

Geolocation Gaming

Rocket scientist turned app developer, this client came up with software that helps mobile gaming apps retain and grow their user base by incentivizing users to get active. As the software was being developed, the client came to us for his branding, business development, and marketing needs. We began by designing his brand and consulting him on his financial projections, staffing, scaling, strategy, and marketing. And as this foundation was laid, we helped him to launch a B2B LinkedIn sales campaign that would later produce clients and mobile app partners for his business. When the project had been finished, our client was so satisfied that he referred his family members to us and even got us in touch with the part of Tony Robbins’ team to help them with their event marketing.

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